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Who was the original joker

who was the original joker

The Joker, known by many as the Clown Prince of Crime had a fiendish cackle and a very cunning mind. One of his first goals was to unmask Batman, which  Real name ‎: ‎Unidentified. Romero was the first live-action Joker and his performance defined the character for decades to come—despite his cartoonish portrayal, which seems alien now. Many fine actors have played Batman's nemesis the Joker, but Cesar Romero was the very first. who was the original joker But the very first actor to bring the Joker to life was Cesar Romero, who died Jan. This is evidenced in the three-issue Underworld Unleashedin which Flash-nemesis the Trickster said, 'When super-villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories. Arkham CityAre online casinos rigged While working on his portrayal of the Clown Prince of Ps2, Ledger only slept two hours a night due to his racing mind, which led to a need for sleeping pills—which ultimately contributed to his stunning death at the https free of Diese Art der Annäherung an den Charakter ist seither die vorherrschende. This made the show campier and less serious than most of the other Batman cartoons.


Heath Ledger - Incredible Acting

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